Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Links!

Ok, so adding links to the blogs of our collaborators isn't all that exciting, but I wanted to highlight that they're right over there in the sidebar now.

You can read up on the Bible Study That Doesn't Suck.  You can see what's going on at the Faithful Fools or Welcome or the Free Farm.  You can see the DIY Guide to addressing Poverty and Injustice.  All right here from our little side bar.  (Ok, I do get a little excited when I figure out anything tech.) 

A table set and ready for the Friendship Banquet
In other news, we still need hosts for all of November for the Friendship Banquet and a group to cover lunch at Open Cathedral on November 11th.  So drop us a line at sfcares@saintpaulus.org or give us a call at 415-673-3572 if you'd like to come meet some really cool people and have a chance to feed them, too.

Service at Open Cathedral

Reading the blogs is informative, and hopefully inspiring, and coming out to help is a lot of fun, so enjoy the blogs listed over there on the right and then come on out to join us.