Sunday, October 6, 2013

Press Release: SF CARES Thanks the City of San Francisco for Hosting LGBTQ Connect

SF CARES thanks the City of San Francisco, Bevan Dufty's Housing, Opportunity, Partnerships and Engagement (HOPE) Office and Project Homeless Connect (PHC) for hosting the LGBTQ Connect on October 7, 2013 at the LGBT Center.  LGBTQ Connect will both help LGBTQ individuals continue connecting to services that can help them find more stable housing and provide an opportunities for the organizations who serve the LGBTQ community to work with the Department of Public Health's programs and help expand the continuum of care.

"Many LGBTQ individuals come to San Francisco believing it will be safer and more welcoming than their hometown or families" said Pastor Daniel Solberg, of SF CARES. "Projects like LGBTQ Connect will help to stabilize individuals who underestimate the cost of housing or the costs of their health care and medications, and how long it will take to find a job."

Pastor Megan Rohrer, a transgender member of SF CARES, remarked, "The LGBTQ homeless are undercounted and underserved in San Francisco and we are delighted that this particularly vulnerable population is getting some much needed care and attention."  

Services expected to be provided at LGBTQ Connect include: vision, dental, legal, DMV reduced fee vouchers, STI testing, housing services, employment, youth services, senior services.

"With all the negativity about the homelessness in San Francisco, we want to make sure that people pay attention when something inspiring and hopeful is happening," said Solberg.

SF CARES is a collaboration of St. Paulus Lutheran Church, The Night Ministry, Welcome and the Faithful Fools Street Ministry; all faithful organization who are working together in order to increase our ability to help the underserved in San Francisco.  We are particularly passionate about providing opportunities, resources and support for individual who are poor, homeless, formerly homeless and experiencing mental health or brain disorder issues.  
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