Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome Center Community Dinners need you!

Welcome Center Community Dinners need you!

Something you should know about me is I really don’t like food lines. I know they’re necessary sometimes. If you’re feeding as many as Saint Anthony’s does it’s hard to serve people sitting down. Night Ministry has a line at Open Cathedral because we’re outside and there is no where for most of our parishioners to sit. I know they’re necessary, but I don’t like them. I always feel like serving people ought to mean actually serving them, not making them stand in line for what ever it is one is giving away.

Which is why I love how the Welcome Center handles meals at Old First Presbyterian. Guests are greeted and invited to sit down. Then the volunteers serve people at their places. Everyone is treated with respect. It’s ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’. It’s good food and the volunteers hustling while our guest rest. There is time to linger and plenty of coffee. And no line.

If you’d like to come serve up a warm welcome and a respectful attitude along with a good meal, contact and we’ll get you scheduled. On Tuesday nights it’s a small crowd. Every second and fourth Saturday it’s a much larger bunch, close to two hundred sometimes.

Right now we particularly need folks to prepare and serve on Saturday, June 25th and we’d love to have your group come.

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