Thursday, December 6, 2012

Volunteers Needed For Foot Washing At Project Homeless Connect Next Week.

This time it is way better.  This time we have nearly a week to find people to serve washing feet at Project Homeless Connect   Last time when the group that was signed up to do it cancelled, we only had a day to find people.  I worked the afternoon shift and it was actually a lot of fun, even though it was hard work.  This time is better, this time we have time to find three or four people to cover each shift instead of only two, like we had last time.

This service is vital to the folks who come to Project Homeless Connect and there is very high demand for it.  It gets people ready to see the podiatrist, as well as starting them back out into the world with clean feet - a real luxury for those who live outside.  Healthy feet are vitally important to people who have to walk all day, every day, too.

Plus, there's the whole emulating Jesus thing. 

We'll have all the equipment ready for you, and you get to get trained by Angela Guida, the director of Project Homeless Connect, herself.

(Angela is also the newest member of SF CARES Board.  Help us look good for her, people.)

So come to do some good, come to feel good or come to make us look good, but come.

We need three or four people to cover each of two shifts, one from 9:45 to 12:40 and one from 12:30 to 4:00 on Wednesday, December 12th.  If you can help, please email Angela  directly at  

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