Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SF CARE Sock Drive a Success

SF CARE Sock Drive a Success

This is not a post about numbers, because that’s my least favorite way to measure success.

I didn’t count how many people came to the SF CARE Kick Off and Sock Drive. I can tell you we had a pretty steady flow of a few at a time. I can tell you Tree and Jordan and Dan and Lyle and Megan and I had a good time talking with them. I can tell you people enjoyed the food and loved exploring the Free Farm. I can tell you we had a fair few people sign up to be on our mailing list. (Ok, I have a hard number there, but this is not a post about numbers.)

I didn’t count how many socks we received. I can tell you people were very generous and also actually listened to the part about bringing white athletic socks. We didn’t get any other kind. I can tell you they filled half of one of those huge boxes the army blankets come in.

I can tell you so many people stopped by to ask about what was going on while I was setting up that I was half an hour late getting lunch going (even though I’d budgeted some time to talk to folks who came by while I was setting up).

While I was finishing the clean up another couple stopped by to have a look at the Farm and I gave them the balloons I was taking down off the gate to give to their son. Lyle had taken the other balloons already and they ended up going to the Friendship Banquet on Tuesday. (Dollar Tree is the place to go if you want helium balloons that will last a while.)

We had plenty of leftovers to feed the folks at Night Ministry's Tuesday night community gathering, too.

We publicized the Free Farm and SF CARE a bit. We gathered a lot of socks, and had balloons and food to share. We had a good time. One doesn’t need numbers to call that a success.

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