Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Next Training for Crises Line Counselors is coming soon!

Did you know that the San Francisco Night Ministry is not limited to the ministers who walk the streets every night? A vital piece of our outreach is our dedicated band of Crises Line Counselors (CLCs). We have one or two CLC’s on each night from 9:45p.m. until 2:15a.m. They answer calls and deal with many of the same issues we Night Ministers deal with on the street; offering compassionate, non-judgmental listening, share resources and offer referrals. All of which are needed and valued as much by our many callers as the presence we Night Minsters offer on the street is by the people we encounter there. The CLCs also occasionally arrange for a Night Minister to meet with someone in crises. We ministers would truly hate the occasional night when there is no CLC scheduled.

Because we love our CLC’s we treat them well. We offer excellent training when new CLC’s come on board, and ongoing continuing education. The location of our office is not made public and we always walk our CLC’s to their car or give them a ride home at the end of the evening.

We know that not everyone is up to this kind of work or the hours entailed (though most of our CLCs work only once a month), but we deeply appreciate those special people willing to take on this important calling. If you think you may be up to serving in this valuable way, come learn more at our next Inquirers’ Evening on September 13th. For the location, time and other information, please contact Brother Jude, our Crisis Line Counselor Coordinator at 415-861-7951 or judehillssf@aol.com.

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