Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Response Team

New Quick Response Team

We had a week recently when there was an invitation to glean a plum orchard. The wonderful folks at the Free Farm pulled together a team of people to go and glean and brought back over 700 pounds of plums to distribute here in the City. They went to the Free Farm Stand and to Open Cathedral and to various food pantries. Now It is not always easy to find someone willing to go to Vacaville on a couple of days notice to glean plums, or to connect with someone bringing seedling from Green Gultch to the City, to help with a mailing for the Night Ministry, to sort a large number of donations that come to us unexpectedly, or other tasks that need doing with a day or two notice.

So I thought, suppose I had a list of people to call on to see if they’re available when such a need arises? Are you someone who can lift at least 20 pounds? Lives in San Francisco? Is free at least some daytimes during the week? If so, maybe you are the right person to be part of a Quick Response Team for SF CARE. What you would commit to would be having your name and email on a list that I would not share. I’d ask you a bit about your abilities and interests then contact you three or four times a year to see if you are available for one short project or another.

Sound up your alley? Drop me a line at and I’ll sign you up.

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