Thursday, May 31, 2012

What’s New at SF CARES?

Spring has certainly the season of new things here at SF CARES!  We have a ton of seedlings at the Free Farm as one would expect, but we also have some great new projects sprouting.  I’ve already written about the backpack drive we’re doing for Project Homeless Connect's July 27th event in the Bayview focused on families.  We’ve also started a Theater of the Oppressed and are about to launch a GED class aimed at people who live outside.

Theater of the Oppressed is a technique which has been used for decades for personal and political transformation.  Participants write and perform short plays about difficulty life situations for one another and switch out parts to explore different approaches to dealing with their experiences - rehearsing for life.  It can also be used as in a variety of ways for political activism; indeed Augusto Boal, the person who originated Theater of the Oppressed, was banished from Brazil for it and then from all of South America.  You know it’s a powerful technique if it can get you kicked off a continent. 

Our workshops run from 6:30a.m. to 9:30a.m. every Tuesday at St. Paulus Lutheran Church at 950 McAllister.

Our GED class is almost ready to sprout.  We have a venue, we have our curriculum, all we need are one or two tutors who can commit to one or two mornings a week.  We’re especially looking for people who have some experience teaching.

Contact Valerie at or 415-673-3572.

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